Collection of initial permissive documentation

The Company obtains all required approvals. Collects or updates the documents which contain the materials related to urban-planning, land use,

Feasibility study and design estimate documents compliance review

The Company hires only qualified and certified employees, who use the latest advanced technologies. High-quality services provided by the Company

Consulting and BIM (Building Information Modeling) implementation

The concept of BIM consists of a 3D Model which forms a basis for interaction between Investor, Client, Main Designer,

Price list collection

Preparation of price lists and quotations packages for basic and alternative options. Review of price lists’ compliance with design assignment,

Automated monitoring system for buildings and structures

We are one of the leading Companies in the field of design of Monitoring systems of buildings and structures, equipment

Development and Approval of Special Specifications and building standards (“SN”) of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  In absence of modern national normative documents, our specialists develop them (Special Specifications, SN RK, SP RK, etc.). Our


The projects we participated in

Water pumping station-5 reconstruction for watersupply increase in conduit Astrakhan – Mangyshlak
Project –  “Green Quarter” Multifunctional Residential Complex
«Self-elevating floating drilling unit»
Multifunctional complex Abu dhabi plaza


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Benefits to our Clients

Customer reviews

McDonalds | Food Solutions KZ

The Management of Food Solutions KZ appreciates the job EXCCOM has done in Detailed Design review under the Specialized Project McDonalds Fast Food Restaurant located at 26, Kabanbai Batyr Ave., Astana. Thereafter the Project successfully passed state expertise at RSE “Gosexpertiza”.
The experts of EXCCOM have properly reviewed the Detailed Design in accordance with contract terms and conditions.
We thank the company for our fruitful cooperation.


We, KazTransGaz Onimderi LLP, would like to express our appreciation to EXCCOM for the work they have done.
During our cooperation EXCCOM LLP provided technical supervision services for the Project “Construction of compressed natural gas filling station in Aktobe”. The work was done at the highest professional level. The employees of EXCCOM acknowledged their professional status, knowledge and responsibility to solve the tasks set. All works have been completed in time, according to agreed time frames and of due quality.
Therefore we recommend EXCCOM LLP as a reliable and professional partner.

Vostok-Aquaflora LLP

In 2016 EXCCOM LLP undertook to review the compliance of Detailed Design “Capital repair of aerodrome pavement of the military sector in Astana airport” with Normative and Technical Documents of the RoK in cooperation with Vostok-Aquaflora LLP.
During our cooperation this company made a name for itself as a company which we could trust to solve the issues of any complexity.
The result of our joint work satisfied our requirements. We recommend EXCCOM as a responsible partner.

Antares Platinum LLP

ANTARES PLATINUM LLP very much appreciates our joint effective work with EXCCOM LLP.
EXCCOM justified it’s high professional status, qualification and initiative when solving the tasks during our cooperation under the project “Construction of berth for ships and vessels of Naval Forces of the RoK in the port Aktau (pier construction).
All works have been properly completed within the stipulated dates. EXCCOM experts had provided high quality services.
Based on the above, we ANTARES PLATINUM LLP describe ЕХССОМ as reliable and responsible partner.

Kaskor-SMU LLP

We, Kaskor-SMU LLP, hereby express our gratitude to EXCCOM for the good job they did.
During our cooperation EXCCOM assisted us in review of Detailed Design in the Project “Reconstruction of Hydraulic Pump Station-5 to increase the supply to Astrakhan-Mangyshlak waterway ”. EXCCOM showed its qualification level, professional skills and active spirit to reach the set targets.
All the work was carried out in due course and with required quality.
We thank EXCCOM LLP for productive collaboration and good quality of completed works.

Research Institute of Transport and Communications

We express our thanks to EXCCOM LLP on behalf of the Research Institute of Transport and Communications for their effective work.
During our cooperation under Consulting Services Agreement under the Project “Development of railway junction Astana, including railway complex construction”, EXCCOM has confirmed its expert status, professional approach and initiative to solve the task we faced.
Qualification of EXCCOM' experts provided high quality work. The works had been duly completed within the stipulated dates.
Let your Company find success and prosperity!


We, Doris LLP, would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to EXCCOM LLP for the effective work done in June 2016 under the Agreement No. 18-06/16 ПД.
During our cooperation EXCCOM experts showed their responsible attitude, when providing the services of independent expertise for separate comments from the RSE GosExpertiza for the Detailed Design developed by Doris for “Reconstruction of Center-South Corridor “Astana-Karaganda-Balkhash-Kapshagay-Almaty” section of the automobile road of the republican significance “RF border (Yekaterinburg) – Almaty” km 2335-2380”.
EXCCOM LLP has confirmed its high professional status, showed deep knowledge and active participation to reach the set targets.
The work was completed within the stipulated period.
The professional skills of EXCCOM’ experts provide high-quality services.
Doris LLP considers EXCCOM as a reliable and responsible partner and looks forward to further cooperation.

Green Land Alatau

LLP "Green Land Alatau" expresses great respect and gratitude to LLP "EXCCOM" for cooperation within the framework of the contract for rendering engineering services in the project implementation "Construction of the second stage of a greenhouse complex for growing vegetables with an area of 5.2 hectares and its infrastructure in Almaty region, 64th km of the Almaty-Kapshagai highway".
During the period of cooperation, LLP "EXCCOM" showed a high level of professionalism, competence in the implementation of the tasks. The well-coordinated work of the Company's staff ensured the fulfillment of the assignment within the deadlines and in the proper quality.
LLP "Green Land Alatau" highly appreciated the successful experience of cooperation with LLP "EXCCOM" and is ready to continue mutually beneficial cooperation in future projects.
Thank you for your successful work!


LLP "Design and Exploration Institute "Kazdorproject" expresses gratitude and appreciation for the fruitful work of the LLP "EXCCOM".
With the company experts' help, we coped with all the difficulties that arose in the collection of the basic and alternative price lists of the working project "Southwest bypass of Astana" highway construction", and were satisfied with its results.
We recommend this company as a professional and reliable partner in the field of engineering and consulting services. The experts' work deserves the highest marks and fair praise.
We express our sincere gratitude for the work done; we are completely satisfied with its results. All works were done on time, within the agreed time and with the appropriate quality.

I would like to wish you, Aidar Ryskhanovich, and the employees of your Company further gains, good luck and prosperity for your business.

KMG Karachaganak

LLP "KMG Karachaganak" expresses its gratitude to LLP "EXCCOM" for providing consulting services for an independent evaluation of the cost of the project "4th gas reflux compressor".
During the cooperation, the Company confirmed its high professional level and competence in solving the assigned tasks.
We are thankful to LLP "EXCCOM" for fruitful work, constructive cooperation, high quality and timely execution of works.


LLP "Electrohimzaschita" expresses its gratitude and appreciation to LLP "EXCCOM" for fruitful work on the working project "Construction of the Karaozek compressor station."
During the period of our cooperation, this company provided the following types of consulting services:
- completeness check of the design and estimate documentation;
- technical solutions check and issuance of recommendations;
- budget check and issuance of recommendations;
- preparation of reasoned answers and justifications for comments until the receipt of the conclusion of RSE "Gosexpertiza".
Works according to the contractual obligations were performed of high quality and in a timely manner.
LLP "EXCCOM" deservedly proved the authority of the organization, which you can trust to solve difficult problems.
Company staff demonstrated their high professional status and activity in solving assigned tasks, competence, knowledge of normative and technical documents, recent changes in SNiPs and other regulations.
We recommend LLP "EXCCOM" as a reliable partner in engineering and consulting services.


In accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (Article 32, paragraph 2-1) and the Rules for the certification of engineering and technical workers involved in the design and construction process approved by the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 26, 2015 No. 734, JSC "KazTransOil" concluded an agreement with LLP "EXCCOM" for conducting relevant training and certification of engineering and technical workers of JSC "KazTransOil" in September 2016.
JSC "KazTransOil" expresses its gratitude to LLP "EXCCOM" for skill enhancement of 53 engineering and technical workers of the Scientific and Technical Center branch, the design and estimate bureaus of the Western and Eastern branches of JSC "KazTransOil" that have passed pre-certification training and design attestation in three cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Pavlodar, Aktau) from 12 to 29 September 2016 in equipped classrooms.
JSC "KazTransOil" draws attention to the high qualification of the teaching staff, the specialists' professional work of LLP "EXCCOM" in organizing the educational process, applied training methods, giving the necessary amount of technical information, as well as the principle in conducting certification of workers of JSC "KazTransOil" that allowed to get a real assessment of the level of knowledge of engineering and technical workers of our company.


Deloitte Company expresses its gratitude to your team for the fruitful work within the framework of the contract on technical consultancy services for the project.
I would like to note the professionalism and activity of your employees, as well as the high quality of the services rendered, which confirms the reputation of LLP "EXCCOM" as a reliable and conscientious partner.
We wish your company further development and prosperity.
We are ready to continue fruitful cooperation and develop close partnership relations.


JSC "ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA" is thankful to LLP "EXCCOM" for fruitful cooperation on working projects:
- "Gas piston power plant with an installed capacity of 38.9 MW with steam generation for LLP "KazAzot" in Aktau" (the first start-up complex);
- "Reconstruction of the electricity supply system of LLP "KazAzot" for connecting the gas-piston power plant with an installed capacity of 38.9 MW with steam generation for LLP "KazAzot" in Aktau, the Republic of Kazakhstan (the second start-up complex).
High professional competence of employees allowed to perform high-quality working projects (explanatory notes, 640 drawings for the first start-up complex and 1987 drawings for the second start-up project were checked and corrected).
The projects passed state expertise and received positive conclusions.
Efficiency in solving problems confirms the reputation of LLP "EXCCOM" as a reliable and conscientious partner.
Contractual obligations are made on time and with high quality.

Arabtec Consolidated Contractors Limited

EXCCOM Limited Liability Partnership, with its offices on the 6th floor, Building №17, Kabanbay Batyr Avenue, Astana, Kazakhstan, is our Subcontractor under Professional Services Agreement for Heating and Domestic Hot Water Design and Engineering Services for Abu Dhabi Plaza Project - Astana, Kazakhstan.

EXCCOM provides high-level services in field of Heating System design. During our cooperation, they used professional skills and care to develop Principal and Detailed Schematics of ETS rooms, Equipment Specifications, Heat Loss Calculations and Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the ETS rooms.

As a properly qualified and competent Designer, EXCCOM has a professional and creative approach towards performance of the Services.

Although our cooperation is still going on, at this point we can sincerely state that as a Client we are more than satisfied with the Services provided by EXCCOM.


LLP "Electro-HSBM" expresses gratitude and appreciation to LLP "EXCCOM" for fruitful work on the working project "Major repair of the main gas pipeline "Bukhara-Ural" of 905-1445 km of 2-thread".
The services to verify the completeness of the design estimates, to adjust the working draft and to present the project documentation in RSE "Gosexpertiza" were rendered qualitatively.
Employees of LLP "EXCCOM" demonstrated responsible attitude in rendering services and confirmed their high professional status and activity in solving assigned tasks, as well as confirmed their competence, knowledge of normative and technical documents, recent changes in SNiPs and other regulations.
All this allowed us to fulfill contractual obligations ahead of schedule and with high quality of work.
We highly appreciate this cooperation with your company, the competence and professionalism of the staff and we hope that our cooperation will continue.


Within the framework of cooperation with LLP "EXCCOM" under the contract on the provision of services for the examination of industrial safety, the company LLP "KomirConsult "expresses great gratitude for the highly professional approach in the implementation of the obligations undertaken, including:
• Conducting expertize on industrial safety "Installations of compressor VV-50/8 V";
• Obtaining permission to use "Compressor VV-50 / 8V installation".
High level of qualification of the engineering and technical staff of LLP "EXCCOM" and the company's management made it possible to perform works on time and in the required quality.
LLP "KomirConsult" is ready to continue mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with LLP "EXССOM" in future projects, as well as to get new services of the company including: Project management, Technical supervision, Technical inspection of facilities and other services of LLP "EXCCOM".

PSC "Klen"

We hereby confirm that LLP "PSC "Klen" has experience of cooperation with LLP "EXCCOM" in the provision of engineering services for the Multi-apartment complex with built-in premises and parking, located at: Astana, district intersection of streets No. E305 and E313 (project name). The first turn of construction (without external engineering networks). Estimated documentation". LLP "EXCCOM" provided a high-quality service for collecting price-lists and operatively completed work on comments of the RSE "Gosexpertiza".
During the cooperation, the specialists of LLP "EXCCOM" have confirmed their high professional status, efficiency and competence in accomplishing the task.
We recommend LLP "EXCCOM" as a responsible and reliable partner.

General Director of LLP "PSK "Klen".