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    Welcome to EXCCOM website!
    Welcome to EXCCOM website!

Construction organizations (Main Contractors and Subcontractors)

  1. Certification of Engineers and Technicians. Advanced training.
  2. Analysis of Technical Assignment and tender documents.
  3. Construction project profitability analysis during pre-tender process.
  4. Review of relevancy of equipment suppliers’ prices indicated in Design Estimate Documents/ Real cost comparison with the prices indicated in estimates.
  5. Monitoring the process of documents preparation for tender and/or assistance in required documents collection for successful participation in tender.
  6. Preliminary negotiations with Client on behalf of potential Contractor.

During design and construction:

  1. Detailed design documentation development.
  2. As-built documentation Preparation.
  3. Method Statement development.
  4. Explaining the reasons of design solutions’ changes and coordination with design supervision.

During construction:

  1. Making the list of subcontractors/ equipment suppliers.
  2. Subcontractors selection/ Contractors’ proficiency and resources review.
  3. Advice in making spending plan for construction.
  4. Technical supervision services at construction sites. Control of compliance with design solutions.
  5. Preparation of Work Completion Certificates forms for Client.
  6. Preparation of explanation to Client about the expenses which have been made to close interim certificates.
  7. Obtainment of additional approvals required during construction.
  8. Preparation in declarations preparation for facility commissioning.

Advice in Design Estimate Documents revision, required during construction:

  1. Advice in proofing the necessity of design revision.
  2. Obtainment of approvals to prove the necessity of design revision.
  3. Estimate section revision.
  4. Updating price lists package.
  5. Specifications review and revision.
  6. Development/revision of the below sections of Design Estimate Documentation:
  • Civil defense engineering measures for civil defense organizations;
  • Integrated safety and anti-terrorism security for the projects of essential importance, large span structures, high-risers and complexes;
  • Method Statement.
  1. Hazards analysis and risks assessment for hazardous production facility by means of software package TOXI+RISK.
  2. Hazard analysis and risk assessment by means of HAZID/HAZOP.
  3. Expertise of hazardous industrial facility safety declaration.

Provision of services to Client during approvals obtainment with regard to the rules of design development or revision; holding required expertise of investment offer for national investment project; planning, review, selection, monitoring and assessment of realization of budget investments,  approved by the Order of the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 5, 2014 No.129.