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    Welcome to EXCCOM website!
    Welcome to EXCCOM website!

For Developers and Investors

Design management services:

  1. Preparation of Technical Assignment to develop Feasibility Study and Design Estimate Documentation.
  2. Preparation of tender documents for pre-design and design.
  3. Selection of design company/Contractor’s proficiency and resources review/Tender assistance.
  4. Advice in selection of technical equipment and finishing materials.
  5. Design monitoring/Advice in design period reduction.
  6. Development and approval of standard technical documents concerning architecture, town planning and construction (СТУ, СН РК, СП РК и т.п.).
  7. BIM standards implementation.
  8. Collection of initial permissive documents, obtainment of required approvals.
  9. Acceptance and review of feasibility study and design estimate documents compliance with construction code.
  10. Advice in cost optimization.
  11. Hazards analysis and risks assessment for hazardous production facility by means of software package TOXI+RISK.
  12. Hazard analysis and risk assessment by means of HAZID/HAZOP.
  13. Pre-expert design preparation.


Assistance in passing State Expertise procedure for Feasibility Study/Design Estimate Documentation until positive conclusion is obtained:

  1. Downloading complete set of documents to EPSD.KZ.
  2. Assisting the Client in preparation of reasonable grounds and answers to the comments received from State Expertise.
  3. Effective support during passing the expertise of Feasibility Study and Design Estimate Documents.


Client’s construction project management services:

  1. Preparation of tender documents for construction and installation work.
  2. Technical supervision services for construction projects. Design solutions compliance control.
  3. Preparation of required Main Contractor’s warranty liabilities from the perspective of management and operation of future facility.
  4. As-built documents acceptance.
  5. Participation in facility commissioning.
  6. Review of facilities commissioning declaration of technical and design supervision.