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    Welcome to EXCCOM website!
    Welcome to EXCCOM website!

Human Resource Policies

Human Resource Policies are directed to create a team of highly qualified employees with a common group spirit, able to solve the tasks the Company faces quickly and effectively through the best potential of human resources and by means of corporative interaction tools.

To reach the target our Company takes the following actions:

— search and involvement of the specialists best in their fields and their professional level continuous improvement;

— arrangement of the conditions good to realize potential opportunities and provide stable career growth for enthusiastic and creative people;

— help new hires adapt in company’s environment by effective use of their professional and creative potential;

—  development of intellectual and creative potential of the employees to the benefit of our Clients;

— fair assessment of each employee contribution to Company’s performance results, including long-term development.

Basic Principles of Human Resource Policies:

— Long-term relationship;

— Employees’ compliance with qualification requirements;

— coincidence of interests and targets of the Company, Employees and our Clients;

— knowledge and experience continuity, the importance of professional training and development for employees;

— remuneration and career growth depending on each employee achievements and performance results.

The Company is governed by more than 20 current internal laws and regulations.